3CPS use Print Audit software to oversee live data on every aspect of our customers Printer performance. Automating Toner delivery and breakdown response whilst logging service calls and overseeing response times with BMS-ERP software. This ensures our customers can focus on running their businesses whilst minimising print costs. Let us show you how easy it is call 1800 572 072
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Pre Contact checklist

Over 90 Percent of service calls received are not issues with the printer. You may be charged in these instances so please check the below before contacting us.

1. Please ensure your power supply and network cables are connected and have not been accidently knocked.
2. Follow all on screen steps to fix the issue displayed on the screen of the device. 
3. Confirm the computer you are using is connected to the network
4. If you have had an IT Company perform work on your systems have them confirm they have reloaded the most current printer drivers from OKI Datas website 

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