Dual Sided Document Feeder scanning 8 times faster

Dual Sided Document Feeder scanning 8 times faster

Are you scanning large amounts of double-sided documents on an older photocopier?

Consider updating to Dual Sided Document Feeder (DSDF)


Because a Dual Sided Document Feeder has 2 scanners operating simultaneously at speeds of approximately 240 IPM – 8 times faster than older technology.

Reversing Automatic Document Feeders (RADF) are operating at approximately 70 pages per minute. This speed decreases on an Impressions basis as the document feeder turns the sheet over to scan by more than ½ of its original speed – meaning scanning is done at 35 impressions per minute (IPM) or less.

New DSDF’s have larger input capabilities. This will remove bottlenecks from your office whilst improving staff efficiencies and reducing stress.
3CPS has many Medical Clinic and Legal Practices clients that have high volume scanning requirements.

We would be very happy to provide obligation free assessment for your Clinic or Practice.

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ES9476MFP with Dual Sided Document feeder (DSDF)