Managed Print Services vs Do it yourself Printer Maintenance

Managed Print Services vs Do it yourself Printer Maintenance

In days gone by Managed Print Services were only offered to larger corporations.

These days small businesses printing as few as 1000 pages per month can enjoy the same levels of support with Automatic Toner deliveries and regular maintenance of their printers at a cost which is lower than the do it yourself approach.

Business owners will regularly do a calculation of what it costs them in Toner or ink and decide to keep looking after their own printers. So what are they missing?

The biggest thing is the replacement cost of a cheaper printer. I have seen cheaper printers being replaced annually and when you take this over a 12 month or 18 month period.

This alone can represent the cost of the rental of a small commercial grade Multifunction Printer.

The costs of drums, transfer belts and fusers are also missed when looking at just the ink or toner costs.

Easily overlooked is the cost of the business owner’s time or staffs’ time in ordering toners and using slower printers.

At 3CPS we will pick the right device for your business – one that will go the distance and run at the lowest cost possible in your environment because if we get it wrong the cost of repairing it is worn by us.

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