Office Printer – 4 Reasons to review your fleet during the Christmas Break

Office Printer – 4 Reasons to review your fleet during the Christmas Break

Why you should review your office printer fleet this Christmas. 3CPS have been Supplying photocopiers Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle and Australia-wide for 6 years now and have this advice
Office Printer s by OKI
1. Improved Quality: Upgrades within your fleet will often come with new technology designed specifically to help you better manage your documents and improve your overall quality of your printed materials. Colour printers today can actually produce the same quality documents and images than you would receive from your local print shops, and at much lower prices.

2. Lower Costs: Because an upgraded machine operates more efficiently, newer OKI machines will typically provide a lower cost per copy. They will also reduce reliance on print shops, since you will be able to print professional pieces in-house, saving both time and money.

3. Less Maintenance: Upgrading your devices will replace older, inefficient equipment with newer technology that will improve the overall functionality of their printer or photocopier. This translates into fewer maintenance or service calls and cost and less staff stress.

4. Enhanced Security: Most upgrades come with new security features designed to prevent unauthorized usage. Newer devices now include security features that encrypt, swipe / pin and release and 3rd party software.

When did you last review your Printer fleet?

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